The 2024 Acura ZDX is set to be the first electric vehicle in the Acura stable. Where the original ZDX blazed a trail as a dynamic and unique SUV back in 2010, the new ZDX is set to carry the brand into a new transportation future.

We haven’t been given a full view of the ZDX just yet, but Acura has seen fit to provide us with a teaser shot from the front. As seen here, digitally altered to increase the brightness, we can get an idea of the design direction at play.


A little digital tweaking reveals much greater detail. Acura

Overall, the design is relatively clean up top, with the flat, wide, hood bearing simple creases to create definition. The “Diamond Pentagon” grille is a solid design, highlighting that this is an EV, with pointed elements surrounding the Acura badge. The model also features the same kink in the headlights that we saw on the Integra, which is part of the modern Acura design language.

Perhaps the most striking element is the front bumper. It features huge vents on either side, along with a deep air dam in the middle. It’s a strange contrast to the otherwise smooth lines of the rest of the front end, but it may make more sense when viewed from other angles. Time will tell.

Notably, the model shown is the ZDX Type S. Acura has seen fit to come charging out of the blocks with a performance variant of its new crossover. The automaker notes that it will be the most powerful SUV in the brand’s history, and the quickest, with the Type S built to provide an exciting driving experience behind the wheel.

Details remain scant, but we do know that the ZDX will feature an infotainment system with full Google integration from the factory. Beyond that, Acura has also highlighted that it will be the first vehicle to launch with an audio system from its collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. The audio company’s products will roll out across Acura’s lineup in coming years.

If you’re looking for an electric SUV with Acura’s unique flavor, you need only wait until next year for it to wind up on the dealership floor. We’ll be waiting eagerly for performance specs to drop, particularly in regards to the intriguing Type S model. Here’s hoping it’s a barnstormer.

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