We previously covered the new Fiat Topolino because, how can you not? It’s so darn cute. However, back when the car was unveiled, we didn’t know many details about Fiat’s mini EV. We figured it wouldn’t have that much range due to its small battery, but that was okay because it was designed specifically for in-city commuting. We also figured it wouldn’t be very fast because, again, small battery. But now we know more deets—including the minimum age requirement to drive the thing.

According to the Italian automaker, the Topolino can be operated by drivers as young as 14 years old. Yes, you read that right. Of course, this will ultimately depend on the local laws where the EV is operated, but that’s still pretty awesome. If I were a high school student in Italy, you bet your butt I’d rather drive one of these to school instead of a Vespa.

Its minimum required age likely has to do with its, uh, not-so-speedy top speed. At full tilt, the Topolino will do just 28 mph. Not ideal for American cities—or even suburban subdivisions—but totally fine for narrow, car-packed European streets.

So, we know the Topolino can be driven by folks as young as 14 up to a speed of 28 mph, but how long can the little EV go? The answer is 46 miles. While that number will sound abysmal to most people in North America, you can get a lot done with a 46-mile range in most European metropolises. For example, if you live in the center of Milan, you could drive 30 miles to Lake Como for a weekend getaway and still have some range to spare. Of course, you’d have to charge the 5.4-kWh battery for your return trip, which Fiat claims can be topped off in under four hours.

Of course, this type of vehicle is super niche and simply wouldn’t work in the U.S. At just 8.3 feet in length, it seats only two and is considerably shorter and smaller than the Fiat 500. Regardless of where you live, owning an EV this small with such limited top speed and range means having to make compromises.

For folks who live in the world’s most crowded cities, however, the Topolino represents a charming, fashionable way of getting around on four wheels instead of two. And for those who live at the beach, Fiat’s got you covered, too.

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