Renault made countless American car enthusiasts jealous when it revived Alpine as a sports car sub-brand with the sleek A110. Since then, Alpine has only been available in Europe, but that’s about to change come 2027. While Alpine has teased an entry into the United States market before, the French sports car maker is officially getting ready to launch a few new electric vehicles in both the U.S. and Asia in 2027.

“This comprehensive range of sports cars will cement our market share in our key markets in Europe and Japan. It will turbocharge our international growth, particularly in the USA and Asia, where our new models will be on sale from 2027,” said Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine.


The aforementioned sports car lineup will feature seven entirely new electric models. Three of these will come before 2027: a small Renault 5-based ‘A290’ hatchback, a sporty midsize crossover, and an A110 successor. The hatchback will launch in 2024 in Europe, the crossover launches in 2025, and the A110 successor will come in 2026. Alpine calls this new lineup of electric sports cars its “Dream Garage” and we can expect at least two of them to make it ‘Stateside in 2027. The crossover and A110 should be expected but a hatchback might be a tough sell here in the U.S.

There will be a few more models launching between 2027-2030, too. Alpine will make a roadster version of the electric A110, a sporty four-door sedan built on the same Alpine Performance Platform (APP) as the electric A110, and two sedans in the 3 Series and 5 Series segments. How many of those cars will come to the U.S. is still unclear.

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