Nyck de Vries says his excursion with Kevin Magnussen at the Canadian Grand Prix was “just a racing incident”.

On lap 35 of the race, the duo were battling for 12th place and went side by side through Turns 1 and 2 with slight contact being made.

As they approached Turn 3, de Vries was on the inside of the corner but locked up his front tyres and went straight on into the run-off area.

Being unable to turn in due to the AlphaTauri car alongside him, Magnussen was also forced into the escape road before the two rejoined the circuit.

“I think it was kind of a decent race up until that point,” de Vries said. “I guess we were just racing each other hard through Turns 1 and 2 and I undercut, I was on the dirt. 

“We were pushing each other hard into that braking point and I locked up and went straight. It was kind of a racing fight and incident. 

“I felt like I had the momentum, I thought I kind of had him, but then he kind of almost went through the grass and the kerb to get me back. We were just fighting, that’s racing.”

Magnussen stated after the race that he had no problem battling hard with de Vries but suggested it was clear who was at fault.

“I think he had the inside, out-braked himself and couldn’t make the corner. I was on the outside, I was blocked. I ended up in the run-off with him, so it’s unlucky for me.

“He was racing pretty hard for sure, not much to complain about that. The problem was he missed his braking at Turn 3 and took me with him.”

The stewards looked into the incident but opted against issuing a penalty.

“Into Turn 3, Car 21 [de Vries] on the inside locked up and went straight ahead,” read a statement. 

“At the same time Car 20 [Magnussen] turned in. A minor collision occurred. We consider no driver was predominantly to blame.”

Magnussen and de Vries ended the race in 17th and 18th respectively.

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