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There’s a variety of ways to use your C8 Chevy Corvette. You could fit a golf bag in it and head out to the course. You and another person could go out for a nice lunch on the coast, or you could even head straight to a track day and have a bucket of fun. What you shouldn’t do is drive it on a beach, get it stuck up to the frame, and have a group of people digging you out while the tide threatens your Corvette, like the one in this video that has been making the rounds.

While the original source of the video is unclear, the incident occurred at Pismo Beach on the California central coast. It’s the only coastal beach near Los Angeles that can be legally driven on, making it a popular spot for weekend getaways. Normally, folks would drive 4×4 trucks, quads, and motorcycles onto the sand but one person thought it wise to drive their Corvette near the waterline and get fully stuck. 

The video shows the Corvette stuck to its frame, its rear wheels spinning helplessly. A crowd of people gathered around, suggesting that it had been stuck for a short while. While it might seem strange that many members of that crowd were wearing helmets, it’s because of the popularity of quads and dirt bikes at Pismo. Nonetheless, the situation looked dire for the ‘Vette, with the tide licking the passenger side of the car. According to a commenter, the car was pulled out before things got terminal.

It’s not like driving on sand is new territory, folks. Even proper trucks get stuck in the sand, and driving a car on a beach is an almost sure way to get in a really annoying jam. Don’t be like Pismo Beach Corvette Guy, take your C8 Corvette somewhere else.

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