Back in the 1960s, if you needed to get from one airport terminal to another, there was a real chance you were shuttled around in a Pontiac Catalina limo. The Catalina was a popular choice for Stageway, one of the era’s big coachbuilders, due to its size and comfort. This was back when modified cars were used at airports instead of modern buses and shuttles. If you want to relive those days of travel and get to the airport in clouds of cigarette smoke, then this ’68 Pontiac Catalina Stageway for sale should pique your interest.

The car rides on a stretched chassis and sports eight doors—four on each side—so it looks incredibly odd but also really fun. With the rear bench in place, the Catalina limo can seat 15 people and fit some luggage. With the back seats out of the way, though, it can haul a ton of bags and still seat nine. The only real creature comforts are the near-countless ashtrays.

Powering the 24-foot-long Catalina is a 400-cubic-inch Pontiac V8 with a four-barrel carburetor, which allegedly makes around 370 horsepower. The big V8 was used in the Stageway Catalinas to handle the added weight of so many passengers. It has four-wheel drum brakes and is equipped with air conditioning, though the latter seems to be inoperable. The seller says that it runs and drives, and it seems to be in good condition with very little rust or damage despite its 194,700 miles.

I’m not sure what it’s like to drive a 24-foot-long Pontiac but this could be an incredibly cool piece of Americana to own and care for. It’s probably the coolest-looking airport limo of all time, it has a big ol’ American V8, and it can double as both a collector’s car and a family car. You could literally bring 14 of your friends and family to Cars and Coffee in comfort and style, all while looking like a 1960s ad executive with Lucky Strikes to sell.

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