The Jurassic Park Jeep is a classic of American culture. It often feels like any older Wrangler has some sort of Jurassic Park sticker hidden on it, if not the full red livery of the YJ Wranglers from the movie. There have been tons of iterations on it, from folks making the livery out of JK and JL Wranglers to countless toys and artifacts that commemorate the dinosaur movie. Now Mattel has thrown its hat in with a limited-run Jurassic Park Jeep Hot Wheels with a miniature Jeff Goldblum in the back.

Now, I’ll be real with you–it’s been a while since I’ve personally watched Jurassic Park. I’m more of a Jurassic World-era of person, and even then I am not a Jurassic Enthusiast. But the scene that Hot Wheels is commemorating with the model is one of the most iconic in the movie. It’s a Fast and Furiousesque bit of drama, with Jeff Goldblum playing Dr. Ian Malcolm waking up from a nap in the back of a TJ Wrangler. He senses something while waking up, and looks over to a dinosaur track and sees small waves forming as a T-Rex takes colossal steps toward thei makeshift campsite.

Goldblum sounds his alarm. Two movie characters, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Robert Muldoon emerge from the jungle and take off in the iconic Wrangler. with a T-Rex in chase. The Wrangler in the movie is manual, so with an obligatory shifter shot, Goldblum calmly demands that Muldoon “must go faster” after he clicks the Wrangler into third gear. As the T-Rex reaches them and almost swallows them whole, Goldblum leans back and, in a bit of bad movie continuity, forces the Jeep out of fourth and into third, slowing them down. The T-Rex catches up, the Jeep bashes through a tree trunk, but Muldoon finds fourth, floors it, and they escape.


The Hot Wheels model commemorates this scene with a few neat trinkets. The box has unique artwork and holds several unique posters that depict the scene of the T-Rex chasing the Jeep. And of course, Dr. Ian Malcolm is cast into the model. The model is only on pre-order now, with a limit of two per order at $30 a piece and will ship in mid-August. So if you’re a Jurassic Park and Hot Wheels fan, this is your chance.

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