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Today is a good day to remember how much money you don’t have. It’s also a good day to realize that it might be okay to not have a ton of money, because if you did, you might spend it on dumb things like this $9,000, one-legged Rolls-Royce “chair.” Or you could get even less for your hard-earned money and pay $14,341 for an airbrushed picture of a horse.

Brought to my attention by the folks at Motor1, this video by Doug DeMuro analyzes the sleek Ferrari Daytona SP3 inside and out. It even gives us a rundown of the options on the window sticker, which albeit brief, adds up to a whopping $2,333,192.00 once it’s all said and done. Of course, no one expects a bespoke car limited to only 599 units to be cheap, but some of these are rather humorous.

The most eye-popping item is the racing livery applied to the car, which costs a staggering $35,432. That’s a ton of money for what essentially amounts to a set of racing stripes. Then there’s the aforementioned $14,341 airbrushed Scuderia logos on the sides of the car. Typically these are made out of metal or can be optioned in carbon, but the very special SP3 gets equally special shields, so these are airbrushed.

Lastly, the special paint color wraps up the exterior options with the blueish-purple hue commanding $18,561. This one I don’t even mind. Paint quality is extremely important regardless of the car, and personally, I’d be happy paying big bucks for a special one-off color. This particular one is stunning, so kudos for that. Lastly, $8,099 for the 20-inch “forged diamond rims” seems acceptable. Solid choice. This brings all exterior-facing options to a grand total of $76,433.

As far as interior options go, this SP3 didn’t have anything too special going on. Having the Prancing Horse stitched on the headrest costs $1,265 while the special stitching is a $759 option. That’s just $2,024 spent on interior add-ons. I’ve been in less-expensive Ferraris with way more interior gadgets, such as $1,500 carpeted floor mats. Or my favorite one, $4,200 to add Apple CarPlay.

Another interesting charge on the window sticker is the “Additional Costs” line item for $30,800. Unclear what this is but you could buy a fantastic new Subaru Crosstrek for that kind of money. Additionally, there’s a $5,000 charge for shipping and handling on top of the $2,218,935.00 MSRP.

All in all, these additional items are nothing to the kind of folks who buy a multi-million-dollar Italian car, especially when this is likely the 10th or 11th car in their collection. These things are only noteworthy, cringe, and hilarious to regular folks like you and me.

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