If you’re hauling big loads or towing big trailers, you want as much power and torque as you can get out of your rig. If you’re rocking one of GM’s heavy-duty models with the 6.6-liter V8, Whipple has a new supercharger to help get you hustling down the highway.

As covered by Street Muscle Mag, Whipple’s new supercharger is built for GM’s 6.6-liter L8T engine seen in the 2500HD and 3500HD trucks built from 2020 to 2022. If your GMC Sierra HD or Chevy Silverado HD needs more grunt, this could be the way to go. While the L8T originally delivered 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque, Whipple’s figures state its supercharger kit can bump that to 500 horsepower and up to 700 lb-ft of torque.

The hefty kit actually fits under a stock hood without modification. Whipple

Whipple’s Gen 5 3.0-liter twin-screw supercharger is paired with a massive air-to-water intercooler. It features a large dual-pass heat exchanger to keep intake temperatures low during daily driving, heavy towing, and fast, spirited driving alike. There’s also an intercooler bypass system that helps keep fuel consumption in check, with losses below 1 hp under cruise conditions.

If you want to get an idea of how much air the Whipple likes to suck down, you’ll note the massive 4.4-inch inlet on the front of the supercharger housing. Despite its size, the kit nonetheless fits under a factory hood without modifications.

Impressively, the kit is 50-state legal, so you needn’t worry about the EPA chasing you down. Wiring is plug-and-play, while Whipple supplies a flash tool for tuning the engine to suit the new forced induction system. Those keen on a fancy engine bay should rejoice, too. Whipple will build and paint the kit in almost any color you can imagine.

If you’ve been towing a trailer this summer and noticed your rig needs a little more boogie, the Whipple setup could be just what the doctor ordered. It’s also a surefire way to cut your quarter-mile time if that’s how you happen to use your truck. It might not be a cheap upgrade, but just think—have you ever heard someone say they regret installing a supercharger? Me neither.

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