The Nissan Titan is bowing out after 21 years of existence. The full-size truck was rumored to be getting canceled for months, but Titan fans are finally getting some closure because the troubled truck is getting laid to rest after a difficult run at the famously difficult truck market.

According to a report from The Autopian, Nissan confirmed an internal memo outlining the end of Titan production in 2024. This comes as no surprise after years of abysmal sales, high expectations, missed targets, and a lackluster lineup that never quite filled a niche or understood what truck buyers were looking for. 


The Titan’s first year in 2003 was the closest it ever got to glory, yet it still missed its sales target of 100,000 trucks. Ever since then, the Titan has been a chronic underperformer, never grabbing a foothold in the same market that the Ford F-150 dominates and the same market that the Toyota Tundra gained a decent foothold in over a slightly longer timeline. Where the Titan failed, the Nissan Frontier gained a steady grasp on mid-size trucks and has continued to soldier on.

Nissan never quite understood one of the biggest markets in North America despite the original Titan having the ingredients to succeed. The second generation was a chance at a reset, and it arrived with a swanky new interior, a new body, and an in-between model called the Titan XD that used a 5.0-liter Cummins turbodiesel V8. That truck got heavy-duty diesel truck fuel economy while not having the payload to keep up, ending up as a heavier light-duty truck. Thus, the truck is bowing out, with the production capacity of the Titan being retained with no workforce reductions. 

If you want a Titan, you have another year to buy one. After that, all that’s left is the smaller Frontier. Despite the effort, the Titan has put down its final hand.

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