With no Grand Prix until April 30th, F1 attention has instead turned to plans to alter the format of the Sprint weekends to have two qualifying sessions. Under the proposal, Friday’s qualifying session now sets the grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix, and FP2 is replaced by a separate qualifying just for the Sprint on the Saturday. But with this new format set to be used at the following race in Baku, there are question marks over whether tyre supplier Pirelli will have enough rubber to cater for two qualifying sessions in addition to the Sprint and the Grand Prix. Joining host Balve Baines to discuss last week’s F1 news are RacingNews365.com Asia Correspondent Michael Butterworth and Editorial Director Dieter Rencken. Should the format of the Sprint weekend be changed, or is it fine as it is? Was Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur right when he suggested that Red Bull’s punishment for breaching F1’s cost cap was too lenient? And with Charles Leclerc taking to Instagram to tell his followers not to follow him to his house, do F1 drivers need more privacy? All this and more, on this episode of the RacingNews365.com podcast!

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