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Police in Nebraska thought they knew what to expect when the public called in a car on the highway said to have a cow in its passenger seat. But that didn’t prepare them for the sight of a majestic, fully grown exotic bull taking up half of a modified Ford Crown Victoria.

The traffic stop occurred around 10 a.m. Wednesday according to 1011 Now, with Norfolk Police intercepting the Ford on U.S. Route 275 eastbound in Nebraska. They found a 1992-1997 Crown Victoria with much of its right side cut away to fit a mature Ankola-Watusi bull, a rare breed of African cattle known for its large horns. Bulls average around 1,300 pounds fully grown but have been known to exceed 1,600 pounds. This particular specimen’s weight isn’t known, but his name is: Howdy Doody. And how’d he ever doodie all over the Ford’s roof.

“The officers received a call referencing a car driving into town that had a cow in it,” said Police Captain Chad Reiman to 1011 Now. “They thought that it was going to be a calf, something small or something that would actually fit inside the vehicle. As a result, the officers performed a traffic stop and addressed some traffic violations that were occurring with that particular situation.”

“The officer wrote him some warnings. There were some citable issues with that situation. The officer chose to write him a warning and ask him to take the animal back home and leave the city,” Reiman concluded.

Howdy Doody is reportedly a common sight at parades around Nebraska. It seems he’ll have to make his rounds by way other than a modified Ford Crown Victoria, though. Perhaps it’s time he gets his own driver’s license, and maybe his own Ford Taurus. After all, he seems too laid-back for a Raging Bull—y’know, a Lamborghini.

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