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Road rage is awful and dangerous. However, it can also be the subject of a viral video when it involves a multi-million-dollar, potentially one-of-two hypercar like the Bugatti Veyron L’Or Rouge. That’s exactly what happened in China recently when the driver of said Bugatti crashed into a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe during a road rage spat.

First shared on local TV and reposted on YouTube by Will C, the BMW’s dashcam video shows the driver of the Veyron trying to cut into the right lane. However, rather than just being courteous and allowing the obnoxious cut-off, the BMW driver in the right lane can be seen standing their ground. At least until the car in front moves and the BMW driver quickly accelerates to shut the door on the Bugatti.

The Bugatti driver responded to this in an equal manner by also trying to accelerate and sneak into that small gap between vehicles. Of course, the two cars crash into each other (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading about this), and the BMW tears into the Veyron’s exquisite door and door sill.

After the incident, the Bugatti driver got out of the car and was reportedly apologetic at first, even offering to buy the other driver a new BMW, claims FTNN News. Things reportedly got a bit more aggressive after that, as the Bugatti driver then became angry and two drivers started shouting at each other. It seems the Bugatti driver is being labeled as rich and arrogant by locals. Who would’ve thought?

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