The Internet is full of eager “millionaires” dying to show you their wealth and sell you a story. In this world, a flashy car is the defacto window dressing for the supposedly moneyed set. That doesn’t work if your audience pokes holes in the facade, as one teenager recently found out on Twitter.

Teenager Dylan Huntley has been posting in a frenzy lately, with cliche threads on Twitter about how he built his apparent immense wealth by the age of 15. Naturally, Huntley posed upon a Ferrari 488 GTB as a visual indicator of his success. Sadly, he failed to realize one thing—it was obvious to everyone he was sitting on a rental.

How I became a millionaire at 15

//A Thread//

— Dylan Huntley (@RealDhuntley) July 7, 2023

It was trivial for eagle-eyed readers to spot the ruse, given the “Cloud9Exotics” sticker on the rear window. Commenters were even able to identify the car on the rental agency’s website. Using Twitter’s “Community Notes” feature, users added context that “It is common for online business scammers to pose with rented cars & attempt to pass them off as their own.”

Like many a scorned teenager, Huntley doubled down. He responded with a bitter screed defending his choice to rent supercars instead of buying them. Posted from inside a McLaren 570S, there was just one problem. The car turned out to be a rental from Turo, which has a policy of not leasing to drivers under 21 years of age. Thus, the more likely scenario is that Huntley was driving a supercar rented by his parents or another outside benefactor.

Why I rent super cars over buying them…

— Dylan Huntley (@RealDhuntley) August 5, 2023

The real lesson here is that it’s foolish to try and stunt on people with cars you don’t have. Even if you do come into a lot of money, flaunting supercars is a gauche way to try and build your profile. It’s all the sadder if you’re doing it with a car you had to ask your parents to rent for you.

If you’re sixteen years old, just know that there’s no point trying to be cool by flashing your parent’s cash around. Go out and win yourself a Grammy or a gold medal or something. The world will be far more impressed.

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