A number of teams have unveiled upgrades that will hit the track at Silverstone, which hosts the British Grand Prix this weekend.

A lot of eyes will be on Mercedes, who is continuing its fresh development path that was set in motion shortly after the start of the 2023 campaign.

The Brackley-based squad has brought a new front wing to Silverstone, detailing a “change in chord distribution” of front wing elements that will improve flow to the bodywork and floor.

It has also brought a revised front wing endplate to provide cleaner flow to the floor of the W14.

Championship leaders Red Bull enter the weekend with a large lead over the competition.

While it is not set to bring any more major updates this year, its advantage hasn’t stopped development completely.

For Silverstone, the RB19 has taken on a reduced intake and exit in the brake duct area to adapt to the needs of the British circuit.

Like Mercedes, Alpine has also brought a revised front wing to the event, with changes made to the main plane, flap and front wing endplate.

McLaren, who received a boost during its strong outing last time out in Austria, has also introduced new car parts at Silverstone.

A new front wing assembly has been attached to the car, as well as a new nose.

The rear brake duct geometry has been revised, while the rear suspension, specifically the rear toe link, has been modified in conjunction with the changes to the rear brake duct.

McLaren will also be sporting a new livery this weekend, with the MCL60 coated in flickers of chrome.

As it looks to bounce back from a more challenging round in Austria, Aston Martin has introduced a new front wing flap as well as a new rear brake duct inlet.

Alfa Romeo has declared a number of new parts for the event, including a redesign of the floor body and fences, diffuser, rear brake duct and a realignment of the rear suspension covers.

The biggest upgrade on the grid, however, comes from AlphaTauri – the Red Bull sister team currently sits last in the Constructors’ Championship and is looking to make gains on its competition.

The floor body, fences and edge have been modified to improve performance.

At the rear of the car, there has been work done to the diffuser, with the vertical sidewalls modified. The rear suspension has seen an extra winglet added behind the top wishbone, the rear wing has been altered and the flap element on the beam wing has been removed.

It has also declared an increase in the width of the engine cover.

Haas, meanwhile, has introduced modifications to the front suspension, the front corner surface has been altered while a new beam wing assembly has been fitted to the car.

Finally, at Williams, a new front and rear wing will be used as it hopes to boost its chances at its home race.

Ferrari is the only team that hasn’t listed upgrades for the race weekend.

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