The Tesla Model 3 has now been on sale for six years, and has received a variety of minor tweaks and updates over that time period. Now, it looks as though the new Project Highland update could bring a comprehensive refresh to the popular mid-sized electric sedan.

The imagery was posted to the Cochespias Twitter page, a Spanish-language automotive account that specializes in spy shots and leaks. The leaked images, also shared on the Cochespias forum, appear to be photos taken of a screen, with mouse pointers and moire effects visible in the shots. Their authenticity is unclear, but they could be our best hint yet as to the upcoming refresh of the Model 3.


Up front, the most striking change is to the front fascia, which is smoother and cleaner than previously. While the lower grille aperture remains, the small fog light pods previously mounted low on either side have been removed.

The images show significant changes at the rear, too, with a diffuser-like arrangement cutting into the bumper at the back. This is a contrast to the relatively plain rear bumper seen previously on the Model 3. The limited resolution of the photos prevents us from seeing just how drastic the change is, and whether there are actual aero tweaks involved, or just styling changes.


Beyond what we see here, Project Highland is expected to bring a broader raft of changes to the model’s fundamentals, as The Drive has covered previously. The powertrain, interior, and the car’s central display may also receive updates, though full details will have to wait until Tesla reveals all in due time. The core concept seems to concern cutting component counts for cost savings while updating the car’s external appearance to remain fresh in the eyes of customers.

Sources have also previously indicated that the Project Highland update will first go into production at Gigafactory Shanghai and Tesla’s Fremont, California plant. The model is expected to enter production in Q3 this year.

A refresh makes plenty of sense given the Model 3’s increasingly long stint on the market. Tesla faces fresh competition every year as more rivals fill out the EV sedan market. The company will be hoping that the update will keep sales strong in partnership with its aggressive pricing strategy.

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