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Luckily no one was in the second-story bedroom of this Mifflin County, Pennsylvania home on Sunday, because they could’ve been seriously hurt when a Toyota Corolla intentionally yeeted itself through the front window, police say. According to first responders, the driver was taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries and their condition is unknown at this point.

How exactly did the Corolla find itself 15 feet off the ground? Authorities haven’t concluded how it managed to launch itself through the house just yet, though common sense would tell us that a combination of speeding and reckless driving was likely involved. According to ABC27 local news, the fire department thinks the driver hit a small hill next to the driveway and sent it into the air Grand Theft Auto-style. However, law enforcement claims foul play was involved.

“It was determined through an investigation that the crash was an intentional act and charges are pending at this time,” Pennsylvania State Police said according to ABC27. However, it didn’t release any other information, so it’s unclear at this moment what the motive could be. With only 130 horsepower, it does seem like you’d have to try pretty hard to get a Corolla into the air like that, as these photos by the Junction Fire Company show.

Since the Toyota was traveling fast enough through the air, it went deep enough to get stuck on the second floor of the house. Several emergency vehicles—including fire trucks and tow trucks—were needed to get the car down, the driver out, and support the roof of the house with jacks. The Corolla was wrecked but the house was even more heavily damaged.

Junction Fire Company

Remarkably, the driver survived but the homeowners were also incredibly lucky they weren’t anywhere near that room during the crash. Sure, their house is wrecked but that could have easily been much worse.

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