Max Verstappen believes that Formula 1 will look “so stupid” if the sport opts to ban tyre blankets.

F1 was set for a vote last month to prohibit the use of tyre blankets from the 2024 campaign, however the FIA opted to push the decision back by at least one year.

A number of drivers have spoken out in opposition to the ban, including Mercedes George Russell who highlighted fears for personnel in the pit lane.

The tyre blankets ensure that the drivers have a certain level of temperature straight out of the pit lane, allowing them to generate grip much faster.

With the ban targeting a reduction of energy and increasing sustainability, Verstappen doesn’t believe that ridding F1 of the blankets will do much to help.

“I don’t think we should head in that direction because it is extremely difficult. 

“People probably don’t know how difficult it is to drive a car with 1000hp out of the pits already, especially when the track is also a bit slippery. 

“It’s not necessary. We already have it, I don’t think it generates a lot of energy these tyre blankets, I think an AC generates more when you combine it through the whole paddock.”

Verstappen also believes that racing action would suffer as a result.

“And with the tyre, yes, they probably can make it work but then they need to drop the working range that much that once you’re up to temperature the tyre will just be like chewing gum,” he said.

“And the pressures will go through the roof, and it will not make the racing better. 

“I think anyway now with an out lap when you’re struggling so much, and then a car with the warm tyres… it will look so stupid. 

“I think the racing now sometimes out of the pits as well just having the hot tyres is brilliant, and I don’t really see why we need to change that at all.”

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