As the automotive industry shifts toward electrification, every brand needs to come up with its own buzzword or eye-catching logo to signify its electric propulsion. As for the next-generation electric Volkswagen GTI, its rebranding could come by way of a new logo.

Volkswagen recently filed a trademark for the GTI’s new logo with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office on July 25, according to Car Buzz. It’s pretty simple and self-explanatory, as it’s just the word “GTI” but with a lightning bolt for the letter “I.”

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An electric VW GTI is inevitable but this trademark is no official indication that such a car is happening soon. The current Mk8 GTI still has some life left in it as VW’s CEO said it could live on as late as 2030, so it could be a few years until we see its electric successor. This trademark could also be used for other cars, as Volkswagen slaps the GTI badge on a few different vehicles in Europe, such as the Polo GTI and Up! GTI. So when those cars go electric, they’ll likely get this GTI logo too.

There’s also the newly released ID.3 hatchback, which is essentially an electric Golf but it isn’t sold here in the United States, and that could get the electrified GTI logo too.

As for the logo itself, it’s a cute little way to indicate that the car is electric, even if it isn’t exactly original. It isn’t the first electric car logo to use a lightning bolt—the F-150 Lightning had it first—and it probably won’t be the last.

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