Over the years, we’ve seen Hot Wheels cars put through all kinds of trials, from treadmill races to wild tracks full of loops and jumps. However, one man has found that destruction is key to the internet’s heart, and his grinding up of die-cast cars is racking up the views.

Yes, the crudely named TikTok channel sandingshit2.0 does exactly what it says on the tin. In much the same vein as the famous Hydraulic Press Channel, it consists of videos showing the destruction of various items by pressing them into a belt sander. In addition to die-cast cars, the channel has sanded down everything from shot glasses to toilet brushes.

The car videos are the most interesting, though, as the die casts try to roll with the belt until they’re eventually ground into dust. When a Mustang runs on the belt, the wheels survive for a surprisingly long time before splitting into their component pieces. The sander then makes short work of the bodyshell, which is mashed into the belt with a pair of multi-grip pliers.

Another video sees a Jeep nose-diving into the belt. The wheels quickly pop off before the belt methodically chews away the body to nothing. A Mountain Dew monster truck puts on more of a show by comparison, by virtue of the challenge posed by its big rubbery tires. It’s interesting to watch a few, though at some point you can easily predict the outcome.

The channel started out with a cheap $89 Harbor Freight belt sander, which was more than enough to wreck a few die-cast cars, toys, and random household objects. It enabled the channel to rack up over 1 million followers on TikTok.

Since then, the channel has been granted an industrial-grade belt sander from Penn Tool Co. The belt and the objects being destroyed get incredibly hot during the process, exceeding 200 F in one test.

You’d think mindless destruction would get old fast, but the TikTok channel shows no signs of slowing down. If you ever travel back in time, just remember three things. Buy Apple stock in 1982, Bitcoin in 2010, and start wrecking stuff with machine tools on video sometime in the mid-2010s. You’ll make a fortune.

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