Want a practically new Fox body Ford Mustang? Just $130,000 will get you one of three ultra-minty examples currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Part of a larger collection of SVT Cobra Fox Mustangs, the best example has practically no miles on it—just 138 in the case of the car we’re highlighting.

According to the seller, it’s “still in its wrapper” with the seats and steering wheel covered in plastic. This ‘Stang was apparently purchased new and mostly kept off the road for 30 years up until now. The window sticker reads a total price of $21,307 in 1993, which is around $45,000 today adjusting for inflation. The seller is trying to get a big premium for the hatchbacks, of which 4,993 were built in 1993, not including “R” models.


The cars are all located in New Haven, Indiana, outside of Fort Wayne. The collection that these vehicles are a part of appears to contain several SVT Cobra Mustangs, although it’s unclear if they’re all low-mileage examples like this one.

This listing was originally posted in the public Facebook group, “FIND A FOXBODY,” along with the two other cars mentioned in this listing, which are the same red color and have very similar specifications. The other two Mustangs have 4,900 miles and 16,710 miles. The same seller wants $70,000 and $65,000 for those two cars, respectively.


Images from other listings show the cars are a part of a larger Mustang collection, spanning several generations. Other cars likely from the same collection have been posted for sale by the same seller, although they’re not quite as mint as the 138-mile example. As far as we can tell, that’s the only practically undriven unit. The others listed for sale all have higher miles.

Is any Fox body Mustang worth $130,000? Personally, I would say no. I’m sure someone out there will pay this much for what is a practically brand-new SVT Cobra, though. That being said, this car is doomed to a life in a garage if it continues to be treated as an investment. As soon as the miles go up, the car’s value will plummet. That plastic may well never come off the seats, which is a shame.

Look at all of those Mustangs. Facebook

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