Acura is teasing us with just a glimpse of the upcoming Integra Type S and just a taste of what it can do ahead of its debut next month. The Type S will be the high-performance version of the Integra by packing a turbocharged 2.0-liter VTEC four-cylinder that makes 320 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

Unsurprisingly, those specs are awfully similar to the Honda Civic Type R’s, because the Integra Type S is based on its Honda cousin. The Acura version gets five more horses than the Honda, likely to keep brand hierarchy intact, but their spec sheets should be similar. Just like the Civic Type R, the Integra Type S will get a short-throw six-speed manual transmission that will send power to only the front wheels through a clever front differential.

You can expect that similarity to carry through the rest of the Integra Type S. However, just like the standard Integra, the Type S should be nicer on the inside than the Civic Type R, with richer materials and a slightly more expensive-looking design.

As for the exterior design, Acura only released two shadowy teaser images. Neither reveals too much but you can see that it’s going to get wider fender flares, likely to accommodate a wider wheel track and a small carbon fiber lip spoiler. A small teaser video accompanied the photos and it lets you hear a few seconds of the Type S’s exhaust note, which is punctuated by a few burbles.

This is just a teaser for now but Acura is going to fully unveil the Integra Type S next month at the IndyCar Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach on April 10. Cars should be hitting the streets sometime in the summer.

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