Since the 2024 Acura Integra Type S is essentially a more premium Honda Civic Type R, we always knew it’d be more expensive. We just didn’t know how much more cash it’d take to drive the car with an “A” on the grille instead of an “H.” Acura has finally answered that question by pricing the 320-horsepower, widebody, stick-shift equipped four-door at $51,995 after destination.

If you’re counting, that’s $7,105 more than the Civic Type R. While it won’t be worth the upcharge for everyone, that sounds fair considering all the doo-dads the Acura has. The Integra’s interior features a 10.2-inch digital gauge cluster, a heads-up display, and a 16-speaker ELS Studio 3D sound system. It’s rarer and arguably better looking, too, unless you’re a total hot hatch diehard.


The 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder is shared between the Acura and Honda, though it makes five more horsepower in the Integra Type S. Both have Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, adaptive dampers, and dual-axis front suspension. Because of this, the performance gap between the two is pretty minimal—in other words, they’re both impressive.

Where the Type S really shines is in comparison to the normal Integra A-Spec. There’s a 120-hp and 118-pound-feet difference between the two, and that’s just the engine. The Type S also has a track width that’s 3.5 inches wider up front, along with a thicker stabilizer bar. Even though the higher-performance model weighs 3,219 pounds compared to the normal Integra’s 3,073, it boasts a better power-to-weight ratio of 10.1 hp per pound.

If this pricing news has you ready to plop down a deposit on an Integra Type S, just know reservations open May 11. The car will officially go on sale in June, so you only have around a month to wait until everything starts in motion.

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