Toyota has really been working on its image with enthusiasts over the last half-decade. Gone is the stigma of the beige Camry and gas-sipping Prius, and here to stay is the tire-roasting Supra, screaming GR Corolla hot hatch, and pure GR86 sports car.

Toyota is doubling down on its lineup of gearhead-focused cars by adding special editions for 2024. Included are some functionality and visual changes across the three vehicle platforms, and a significant lean on nostalgia that could persuade some classic JDM lovers to finally make the jump to a new platform and experience modernity.

2024 GR86 Trueno Edition

Don’t call it a comeback, but Toyota is putting a blast-from-the-past spin on its GR86 with a limited Trueno Edition. With a heritage-inspired two-tone hood and side panel graphics, the Trueno is a sharp-looking throwback for the driving enthusiasts of yesteryear and those who enjoy the car in pop culture.

The Trueno is built from the Premium grade, so expect all of the bells and whistles that you would normally get from Toyota’s top-tier trim. In addition, the automaker brings back the Performance Package as standard equipment on the Trueno, which means Brembo brakes, Sachs dampers, and 18-inch, 10-spoke wheels. The package will also be made available to Base and Premium trims for MY2024, though as optional equipment, and as a retrofit kit for MY2022-2023 GR86 cars as well.

Toyota will build 860 units for the U.S. market. Those production numbers mean less than one car per dealership, so expect either a hefty price tag with plenty of dealer markup included or at least extremely slim availability. Expect both manual and automatic transmission options, and for those who do spring for the row-your-own gearbox, Toyota is including Active Safety Suite as standard equipment, meaning that the manual transmission will gain features like pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, and high beam assist.

2024 GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition

It’s hard to believe that the Toyota Supra is turning 45. It seems like just yesterday that Brian O’Conner’s MK4 Supra was thrown onto the silver screen thanks to The Fast and the Furious, and it’s difficult to stomach that the current-gen Supra has already been on sale for almost four years. Either way, 45 is a big number for a nameplate, and Toyota is sending it off with a special trim.

The 45th Anniversary Edition is built on top of the Supra’s Premium trim, meaning that it’s popped full of higher-end features just like the Trueno. Unfortunately, unlike the Trueno, the Supra 45th Anniversary won’t receive the automaker’s Active Safety Suite features as standard which was one of my biggest gripes when reviewing the manual transmission Supra earlier this year.

Not much has changed from a performance perspective. The Supra still has its BMW-sourced turbocharged inline-six and its row-your-own gearbox that sends power to the rear wheels—and that’s enough to convince most sports car buyers of its viability. For 2024, the anniversary trim also gets a manually adjustable oversized rear spoiler. Toyota has added a spoiler that sits about three inches above the decklid and is manually adjustable using a set screw to adjust the downforce being applied. It also receives new matte black 19-inch wheels.

If the small changes and lack of new tech aren’t dealbreakers, you can order the new Supra in two paint colors: Absolute Zero and Mikan Blast, which is the orange color seen above (“Mikan” is a variety of the orange fruit found in Japan). It also features nostalgia-inspiring Supra logo cutout black graphics on the side of the car. The brake calipers have also been painted black to match the wheels and decals.

Toyota says that this anniversary run is limited to just 900 units, which is fewer cars than the A91 and Launch editions, but not as scarce as the A91-CF.

2024 GR Corolla Circuit Edition

Last up on Toyota’s changes for next year (but certainly not least) is the GR Corolla Circuit Edition. I know what you’re thinking: “This already exists!” And yes, it does, but Toyota has made a few changes for 2024 worth mentioning.

The most obvious addition for this year is the new Blue Flame paint option available on the GR Corolla. Toyota has complemented this with matching interior accents, like a small blue stripe on the car’s shift knob. A stylish black side graphic is also added to the hatch, similar to the Supra and GR86.

Also noticeable is a new set of wheels. Toyota has added a set of forged 18-inch BBS rollers to the car as standard equipment, and while these aren’t the same lightweight wheels worn by the coveted Morizo edition, they are similar in style.

What you can’t see are some subtle material changes. Toyota has changed some mounting bolts in the steering gear, rear suspension, and battery ground. It has also upgraded some of the car’s aerodynamics by adding aluminum sheets to the front and rear bumper, as well as reworking the duct shape of the front bumper airflow outlet.

Toyota says that the 2024 GR Corolla will debut in the winter, though it hasn’t revealed any pricing information as of yet.

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