The only constant is change, as they say, and that’s as true in the automotive world as anywhere else. Now, it’s the Porsche Boxster’s turn to move with the times, as the popular convertible will soon make the transition to electric drive. That much is clear, given recent sightings of electric test mules at the Nurburgring in Germany.

As reported by Motor1, the prototype 983 Boxster EV was captured on the at the Ring by CarSpyMedia. In the YouTube video, it’s clear the car is still wearing some basic camouflage to throw off casual viewers. Cladding on the back of the vehicle hides the rear-end design, and features a fake exhaust tip to boot.

Hearing the vehicle in motion, though, is enough to tell anyone that it’s an EV. Beyond the rush of the air and the noise of the tires, there’s precious little sound emanating from the car. Internal combustion purists may miss the exhaust note, even if some of the more recent Boxster models haven’t had the best sound.

We’ve known about the Boxster’s electric future for some time, with Porsche confirming the upcoming change last year. Naturally, the Cayman will follow the same path as the Boxster’s hardtop coupe sibling. While the duo has traditionally only been available with rear-wheel-drive, it’s suspected that the EV model could introduce a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive variant. It’s expected that the Boxster EV will drop around 2024 for the 2025 model year, but the exact timing is yet to be revealed by Porsche.

Numberplates spotted in the video suggest at least two Boxster EV prototypes exist. Earlier sightings have also revealed the Boxster charging via its rear port out in the wild. Thus far, we’re yet to see a Cayman EV prototype in public, but expect one to pop up eventually. Porsche will naturally have to do some on-road testing of the model, even if it’s largely just a Boxster with a fixed roof.

THANK YOU @nextmove_de for showing us the Porsche 718 Boxster EV fast charging at IONITY!!!


One can only dream to see this charging curve in real life!#alwaysbecharging#porsche
#718 #nextmove#spotted#nextnews #boxster

180 kW avg charging speed at 53% SoC!

— Felix Hamer • electricfelix (@electricfelix) February 3, 2023

Overall, the Boxster EV we see here doesn’t drastically mess with the format, at least from an aesthetic perspective. It’s likely to be quite a different driving experience, though, particularly if electric drive also hails the advent of an all-wheel-drive version.

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