Lada. It’s a name that evokes images of a barebones Soviet-era vehicle, not necessarily a roaring, turbocharged beast. Yet, here we are, gawking at a 1988 Lada 2105 that has undergone such an unimaginable transformation, it’s hard to fathom it’s real.

This heavily modified example for sale on Bring a Trailer shows just how mean the Lada can be with the right mods. In its day, the Lada 2105 was a humble, unsophisticated thing. Stock, it looked barely fit for highway travel, with just 65 horsepower under the hood in its feebleest trim. Armed with an extensive body kit and a complete drivetrain replacement, though, it’s an altogether different beast.

Bring a Trailer

Imported in 2016, the current seller acquired the Lada in 2019 and set about giving it a heart transplant in the form of a Toyota 2JZ engine. The 3.0-liter inline-six is fed by a single Garrett GTX3582R turbo, with a Haltech engine management system. The engine is capable of up to 700 wheel horsepower according to the seller, but is tuned down to 535 hp for improved streetability. The engine swap is paired with a six-speed Nissan CD009 manual transmission, as used in the Nissan 350Z. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a stout Ford 8.8-inch differential.

Body-wise, the Lada wears huge fender flares both front and back, helping to cover the wider 17-inch Enkei RPF1 wheels. They’re paired with an era-appropriate front lip and rear spoiler, while a hood scoop adds a further layer of aggression to this beast. There’s also a roof air intake, which helps bring cool air into the cabin. It’s a useful addition given the car lacks any form of air conditioning.

Bring a Trailer

Currently living in Florida, the Lada has been prepared for rally use, with a full roll cage, acrylic windows, and a 10-gallon fuel cell. The build also features OMP racing seats and a fire suppression system. Other modifications include four-wheel disc brakes including Nissan 300ZX front calipers, aftermarket dampers and front control arms, and electric power steering. The ad claims that the car was previously used for rally racing during its time in Europe.

You could try and import a decent Lada, and spend huge amounts of time and money swapping in a better drivetrain, suspension, and racing gear. Or, you could buy this one prepared earlier, and probably come out ahead. Heck, it’s even got a clean Florida title. The price at the time of writing is $10,500, with five days remaining, but expect that figure to jump significantly before the auction ends. Happy bidding.

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