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There’s a special place in our hearts for old exotic cars. The granddaddies of modern supercars need somewhere to live after all, especially when their successors have made light of their modern performance benchmarks. Because of that, most spare parts have become something of automobilia and are worth more when viewed as collector’s items.

A collection of such parts have recently popped up at RM Sotheby’s. Dubbed “The Garagista Collection,” a hoard of rare parts will be auctioned including complete engines, New Old Stock (NOS) parts, plus random collectible art and brochures thought to be lost to time.

A ton of miscellaneous engine parts and accessories are also up for grabs. Some of the bigger items include a V12 plucked from a 1960 Ferrari 250, a cylinder head from the legendary Ferrari F40, an entire engine and gearbox from a Ferrari Dino, and a gearbox from the Ferrari 330. Oh—and don’t forget the coffee table built from a Ferrari FF V12, just in case you’d rather have a display piece.

The auction also has a wide selection of New Old Stock parts available to bid on. Some are more recent, such as an entire Ferrari FXX crate engine—keep in mind that only 30 examples of the Ferrari FXX track weapon were produced in the entirety of the model’s run from 2005 through 2007. Others are more classic. For example, there is a crankcase from a Ferrari F50, a pair of cylinder heads from a Ferrari 330, and even replacement seat material for the Ferrari F40.

There are also some really cool classic body-related pieces. For example, a genuine wireframe buck of the Ferrari 250 GTO—perfect for any classic car metal shaper looking to recreate the rear body of a 250, or something a bit more customized. There’s also the alloy nose of the 250 and a roll cage meant for a short-wheelbase 250.

If you like OEM wheels, I’ve got some good news for you: there are many to choose from. There are four Ferrari Campagnolo Competition wheels, a set of Ferrari FF wheels, five multi-piece Ferrari 360 Challenge Wheels, four OZ Racing wheels plucked from a Lamborghini Diablo, wire wheels pulled from an Alfa Romeo 8C Monza, and even a pair of NOS Ford GT wheels. Oh, and don’t forget the set of Bugatti Veyron Supersport wheels. And if none of those are appealing, maybe pick up the almost toy-like spare from a 512 BBi for your wall.

One last mention is a 1956 Lamborghini DL25 tractor. Lamborghini built more than 900 examples of the DL25 from 1952 until 1958, making it one of the most successful tractors in the company’s history. Only 55 were built in 1956, according to a previous Sotheby’s auction.

If you’re more of a collectible or wall art person, there are many examples worth looking into. There are classic gas station memorabilia, exotic dealership signage, and paintings to hang on your walls. You can also nab some table books (for your new FF V12 coffee table, of course), sales brochures, and owner’s manuals.

The Garagista Collection will run through March 29, so if you happen to be an avid Ferrari collector, now might be your time to scoop up some random odds and ends that would otherwise be difficult to source.

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