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The Alfa Romeo 4C is a gorgeous, agile mid-engined sports car that sadly went out of production in 2020. However, Alfa Romeo will soon build just one more example as a tribute to the model’s 10-year anniversary.

According to MotorAuthority, the special edition model will be known as the 4C Designer’s Cut. The one-off build will be handled by the Reloaded by Creators program, an arm of the Stellantis Heritage department that is charged with such prestigious work. Helming the project will be designer Alessandro Maccolini, who worked on the original model at Alfa Romeo’s Centro Stile design house.

Alfa Romeo

The Italian automaker is soliciting a degree of feedback from its fanbase regarding the design. Three concepts, named 4C Tributo, 4C Corsa, and 4C Leggenda, have been floated to generate discussion.

“Over the years I had some first-hand experience with Alfa Romeo clubs and I had the opportunity to see many versions of the 4C, with various types of paint jobs and some finely tuned configurations,” said Maccolini. “That’s why I would like to get the fans involved in this project as well and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 4C together in a truly special one-off.”

Notably, the final product will be placed up for sale. It’s a rare opportunity for a collector to secure a highly unique and special example of the Alfa Romeo 4C. Existing examples already command strong prices on the used market given the model’s scarcity. A one-of-one model crafted by one of the original designers could only be more precious. Interested parties are instructed to contact the Heritage department directly.

Alfa Romeo

The 4C never caught on in the mainstream, likely for a number of reasons. It was a focused, sporty vehicle that lacked the practicality to make it a daily driver. It was also a touch small for many individuals. Regardless, it’s a great example of Italian automotive design, and it’s neat to see Alfa Romeo celebrating that with a special one-off. Here’s to hoping the 4C Director’s Cut gets driven and enjoyed, rather than treated as just another investment piece.

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