Alexander Albon believes there is a “high chance” of protests occurring at the British Grand Prix this weekend.

Last year, Just Stop Oil protesters invaded the track on the opening lap of the race, positioning themselves along the Wellington Straight.

A red flag was thrown before the cars reached the protesters at full speed following a major crash for Zhou Guanyu at the opening corner.

Since then, Just Stop Oil has caused disruption to major sporting events including the World Snooker Championship, the Ashes Test and Wimbledon.

With the Silverstone race being one of the biggest events in the UK sporting year, Albon says he expects a protest will be held in some form over the weekend. 

“I think obviously, there is possibly quite a high chance of something happening this weekend,” he said. 

“We just have to wait and see and obviously more than anything, with the sport that we do, it is a bit of a concern because… a pitch invasion is one thing but with cars and moving parts, all this kind of thing, it gets a bit more dangerous to some extent.

“I think on that side, we’re still yet to have a meeting with the FIA over what would happen in that circumstance. But we just have to be prepared for it.”

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton asserted that he supports peaceful demonstrations – but hopes that any protesters stay clear of an active track.

“We’ve not yet spoken with the FIA in terms of what you’d have to do but naturally, we’re really hoping that we’ve learned a lot from last year’s experience and that it won’t happen this weekend,” Hamilton said.

“I believe we have 100 more marshals this weekend which are there to be supportive and make sure it doesn’t happen as well. 

“I think, at least for me, my perspective and my team’s, we are very very focused on sustainability. 

“We believe in what people are fighting for. We are making those changes as a sport. 

“But safety is key, we don’t want to put anyone in harm’s way, we don’t want to put anyone else in harm’s way. If there is one, we hope that it’s not going to be on track.”

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