Alex Albon has praised Williams for their recent progress amid the potential “uncertainty” of key figures within the team leaving over the winter. Along with several other personnel moves that took place across the paddock, the squad saw changes at the top after Team Principal Jost Capito and Technical Director FX Demaison both left. James Vowles became Williams’ new Team Principal ahead of the 2023 season, while the position of Technical Director remains vacant. Despite this, the team look to have made steps forward on the track, with Albon claiming a point at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix. Albon on Williams’ progress When asked if this progress has come of something of a surprise given the staff changes, Albon told media, including : “It’s hard to know, if I’m honest. “I think we have made good steps over the winter, so there’s no hiding that. We’ve really been able to address some of the weaknesses in the car. “I think last year, the car was quite limited in some places and certain types of corners. We knew if we could fix that we would make a step forwards, and we have done that. “Of course, yes, when people leave it can create a bit of uncertainty and you don’t really know where you’ll stand [at the] start of the year. “But it seems to have come to us, really.” Williams have ‘kept on improving’ While Albon feels that the FW45 is not a huge step forwards from its predecessor, he admits that certain factors have gone in the team’s favour so far in 2023. “The car, truthfully, it feels different, but it’s not transformative in the balance, really,” Albon explained. “It’s clear, when I went to Jeddah and when I compare the car from last year to this year, my corner speeds were already way up on last year, and it is just one of [those] things where it just feels like we’ve got a better car. “So yeah, it’s just how it is. I think it’s also the fact that some teams have struggled a bit more with the regulations. “We’ve just kept on improving and yes, of course, that reg change did take off some downforce, but we we seemed to recover it pretty quickly.”

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