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Although Alfa Romeo’s return to the United States is closing in on a decade, one model has eluded the automaker since its arrival: a full-size anything. Now, Alfa Romeo’s boss in North America, Larry Dominique, tells us that not only will it be a bigger E-segment vehicle—but it will also have a taller ride height.

“The E-segment … for America will be more utility than the sedan, and the Giulia replacement is [already] locked. Our flagship sedan will remain the Giulia,” Dominique told The Drive.

In short: It’ll be an SUV. When it arrives, around 2027, according to Alfa Romeo global CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, it’ll likely be all-electric. That’s part of the brand’s overall goal of selling all-electric vehicles by 2027, with the first arriving sometime next year. The first dedicated EV should arrive shortly after that, with the larger E-segment SUV coming later. 

“By 2027, Alfa Romeo will no longer be selling ICE to anyone,” Dominique told us. “The fastest-growing premium vehicle in the U.S.—Tesla—is kicking everyone’s ass. We think of ourselves as different from the others. We just don’t want to blend in. We’re not a gray BMW… Our customers tell us they buy Alfas because ‘You’re not that.’”

2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale

Alfa Romeo is soon adding a third vehicle to its lineup in the U.S., the Tonale crossover. That will complement the Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV that compete against the likes of the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. For example, an E-segment SUV for Alfa Romeo would be comparably sized to a BMW X5. And that’s largely what Alfa has lacked since it began selling cars in the U.S. again in 2014 after a 20-year hiatus. The brand’s preference for Euro-size vehicles has left it one step behind rivals in the U.S. that sell much larger vehicles. 

“Our upcoming E-segment car will be designed and styled in Italy but will be developed with U.S. customers in mind,” Dominique said. “Details like [interior] size, features, packaging, cupholder [size], tech, etc. will be ideal for North America. The U.S. will represent 70% of the sales of this new vehicle, so it needs to bode well for the American audience.”

Jerry Perez contributed to this report.

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