AlphaTauri and McLaren lead the way in the number of updates brought to the Singapore Grand Prix.

AlphaTauri remains at the bottom of the Constructors’ standings and the Faenza-based Formula 1 outfit has made a total of eight revisions to the AT04.

The Floor Body has seen the rear central floor modified to better aid airflow to the Rear Diffuser. Meanwhile, the Floor Edges have also seen numerous revisions to help boost aerodynamic loading and the Rear Diffuser has been reprofiled to work in tandem with the floor changes.

The Sidepod Inlets on the AT04 have been reshaped to aid cooling, a circuit-specific demand in the intense Singapore heat.

The Italian squad have also made revisions to its Rear Suspension shrouds and Engine Cover have also been modified, along with the body of the Rear View mirrors, and Rear Brake Drum Scoop.

Time will tell if AlphaTauri’s push to improve its car will result in more points.

McLaren has made huge strides in car development this year, serving as inspiration for the likes of Aston Martin and Mercedes, and its latest upgrade package includes a total of nine changes.

According to reports, the extensive upgrade package has only been made available to Lando Norris’ MCL60 machine and he is confident the team has made its biggest step “since Austria.”

The MCL60 has a revised geometry to the Front Wing Endplate to improve airflow and aerodynamic load, the Sidepod Inlet has a new shape to work in tandem with numerous bodywork revisions to improve airflow conditioning and the Halo has new ‘Furniture’ to better aid airflow over the top of the car.

The MCL60 is also sporting a fully revised floor, with updated fences, edges and diffuser to help increase aerodynamic load.

McLaren has also reshaped its Engine Cover, along with the Sidepods to aid air conditioning to the floor.

Alterations to the Rear Brake Duct geometry, Rear Suspension and Rear Wing Endplates are also designed to boost airflow and aerodynamic loading.

Finally, McLaren has also elected to bring a modified Beam Wing to allow for a higher downforce set-up suited to Singapore’s Marina Bay Circuit.

Williams is also sporting a revised ‘Gulf-inspired’ livery in Singapore

At the other end of the upgrades spectrum is Williams, which has brought just a single update to Singapore in the form of a larger, circuit-specific Gurney Flap on the Front Wing. This will only be fitted if necessary to cope with the high downforce requirements of the Marina Bay layout.

Alfa Romeo has brought a modest amount of upgrades to the C43, with redesigned Floor Fences and Rear Brake Duct included, along with an updated Diffuser and Front Wing, as the team aims to improve the overall aerodynamic efficiency of its car.

Alpine has made a trio of revisions to its 2023 machine, with a raised and staggered Sidepod Inlet and revised Mirror housing and Winglets, in conjunction with revised Cooling Louvres designed to increase the overall aerodynamic load and improve airflow toward the rear of the car.

The Anglo-French outfit has also made a track-specific alteration in the form of a taller lip on the trailing edge of the Beam Wing.

Aston Martin is another team that has made just a single revision to its car, with the AMR23 sporting modifications to the rear corner to improve overall airflow management in that specific area of components.

Mercedes also has a solitary update, with the W14 featuring a circuit-specific alteration in the form of a larger Front Brake Duct inlet and exit to aid cooling.

Ferrari has introduced a reprofiled Front Wing flap as part of its overall development cycle to improve the car’s efficiency over an extended aero balance range.

Despite the RB19 being the class of the field, Red Bull is still seeking new ways to chase performance with revisions to the Floor edges and Rear Wing Endplate.

Haas has elected not to bring any upgrades to Singapore, having recently committed to switching to the ‘downwash’ design concept, with the switch set to arrive in Austin next month.

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