Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has eyed the Monaco Grand Prix as a potential place where the team could win their first race. The squad came close to victories twice in 2021 at both the Azerbaijan and Hungarian Grands Prix, but ultimately had to settle for second on those occasions, though they were later disqualified in Hungary after the required fuel sample could not be extracted from the car following the race. With their exceptional start to 2023 – having taken three podiums at three different tracks – Krack has identified where the AMR23’s main strengths could play into their hands later in the season. “I think there are some tracks where the combination of this driver with this car may still be more magical, Monaco, Barcelona…” he said to DAZN. “We have deficiencies on very long straights, it’s no secret. We have seen it and we have to work on it a lot.” Krack looks to Monaco Aston Martin was beaten in qualifying pace by Ferrari in Saudi Arabia and Mercedes in Australia, but they have shown they can compete in the races after working their way up to the podium spots. Krack believes circuits where straight line speed “doesn’t count as much” such as Barcelona and Monaco, will play into the strengths of the AMR23. He continued: “On tracks where this doesn’t count as much is where we can have more confidence, but being fast in these races isn’t everything. “You have to be fast, you have to finish, not make mistakes and then see what the result is.”

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