Valtteri Bottas has expressed confidence that track limit issues
will be eradicated for next year’s Formula 1 season. The topic has
been a talking point at several events this year most recently at
the United States Grand Prix. Haas protested the results of the
race claiming there were a number of track limit breaches during
the Grand Prix that weren’t considered by the stewards. However,
the proposal was rejected by the stewards, leaving the results from
the Circuit of the Americas unchanged. It was recently highlighted
by some drivers that taking a five-second time penalty for
overtaking a rival off the track can be worth it if they are able
to build up that gap before taking the punishment. Speaking to
media including RacingNews365, Bottas believes that it is more
favourable for drivers to take the penalty on some occasions. “In
some situations, if you’re stuck behind a car for 10 laps, if you
lose 10 seconds, you might take [the penalty],” he said. “It’s
tricky, it’s a rare situation but it can happen. It depends
completely on the situation. “If it’s clear that you made the
overtake because you went off the track limits, then you should
give the position back.” FIA ‘taking it seriously’ Bottas added
that the situation can easily be rectified by adding gravel to the
edge of the racing line. “If there was gravel, no problem,” he
said. “The changes made for Austria were good. “They were adding
gravel in places and stuff like that, also what had been done at
[Monza’s] Parabolica, there used to be this strip of gravel. It
just works. “I feel like they [the FIA] are starting to understand
because it’s also so much work for them as well, and they are
getting s**t because of it. “They can’t spot every single mistake
and situation, so I would imagine by next year, there will be
solutions, like what we’re expecting now. “I think they are taking
it seriously.”

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