Ex-Formula 1 Managing Director and Team Principal Ross Brawn
believes Red Bull should switch up its driver line-up amid Sergio
Perez’s struggles. Red Bull’s dominant campaign has seen it win 19
out of the 20 races staged so far, with Max Verstappen securing 17
of the wins. Verstappen is enjoying one of the most dominant
seasons in F1 history and secured his third World Championship at
the Qatar Grand Prix last month. Speaking to Talksport , Brawn
hinted that Red Bull will hold an advantage over the field at the
start of next year. “Even though they have this domination at the
moment, you will see it in time,” Brawn said. “And we’re seeing
little indications. I mean McLaren with [Lando] Norris and
occasionally [Oscar] Piastri, they’re knocking at the door, keeping
them honest, let’s put it that way. “I think over this winter, I’m
optimistic that there will be a reset. “When you’re at the front,
you have the advantage of being able to start the design of your
new car earlier and that’s when that domination can sometimes run
for several years. Brawn calls on Red Bull to copy Mercedes Perez
showed strong pace at the start of the campaign but his speed
tapered off as the season wore on. Question marks were soon asked
over his future with the team amid his issues, but Red Bull has
asserted on multiple occasions that Perez will drive for the squad
next year. However, next season will be Perez’s last on his current
deal and Brawn has suggested that Red Bull should mirror Mercedes’
past strategy of employing drivers. “What I want to see quite
frankly is someone more competitive in the other car because
unfortunately Sergio’s not putting up much competition for Max,”
said Brawn. “And even when you get a dominant car, if you can get
someone in the other car who’s giving them a hard time and we think
of [Nico] Rosberg and [Lewis] Hamilton, that was a great year and
year when Mercedes were dominating.”

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