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Automakers go to great efforts to produce sane, wholesome products that everyone can enjoy. Modified cars, on the other hand, can reach the extreme, with the tuner scene in the early 2000s a great example of this glorious excess. In just that vein is this 1999 Ford Mustang fitted with the kind of add-ons you’d expect to see on a modified car of this era—but, with others you’d never expect—such as TV screens on its brake calipers.

The car is currently on sale at International Car Center in Illinois. Per the sale listing, it started life as a 35th Anniversary Model of the 1999 Ford Mustang GT. It has just 21,000 original miles on the clock, but this car is anything but a preserved gem in stock condition.

Instead, the owner went ham on every early-2000s tuner trope you can think of. There’s a Saleen body kit, chrome wheels, and a custom fiberglass interior with speakers all over the place. That theme continues in the rear, with the trunk similarly full of audio gear for peacocking at car shows. A walk-around video of the car has Kid Rock’s I Am The Bullgod blaring on the stereo, which should tell you everything you need to know.

The headline feature, though, is the sheer number of screens in the vehicle. Back in the early 2000s, this was inexplicably a key feature of so-called “Sex Spec” show cars. Real winners in that era would show off by stuffing as many screens as possible into a car. This Mustang features over twenty LCD displays, stuffing them into the bumpers, the roll hoop, the side mirrors, and under the trunk lid. The real highlight, though, hides inside the wheels, where there are four LCDs mounted to the brake calipers. It’s hard to imagine crouching down next to the tires to watch The Fast and the Furious, but you could if you really wanted to.

In concert with the very-yellow aesthetic, this Mustang also has decent performance credentials. In fact, the owner fitted the V8 with a Vortech supercharger, paired with a Flowmaster cat-back exhaust system and a set of long-tube headers. Of course, we’re not entirely sure what that’s done to the power figures, since the listing only quotes the standard Mustang GT spec of 260 horsepower. Regardless, it all appears properly installed and should be good for some extra poke compared to a stock model. Don’t get excited about the NOS bottles, though. They’re just for show.

Despite the performance mods, This is one car you should never take to the track. There’s no way those ancient LCD screens in the wheel wells are going to hold up to high temperatures from the brakes.

The current asking price is $29,990. That’s getting up there for a 1999 Mustang GT. However, if you’ve always wanted to own a ridiculous, over-the-top car from the Sex Spec era, that price might be more tolerable. Few of these show cars remain today, and those that do are often in shabby condition. This one looks to have survived largely intact. If you’re dying to go back to that golden era of excess, consider stumping up the cash for this lavish supercharged banana.

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