The Fast and Furious movies have left an indelible imprint on American car culture, with the series credited with boosting the profile of the Nissan Skyline GT-R in the United States. Now, you can purchase just such a car from the movies, in the form of this gorgeous example driven by Paul Walker.

As listed for sale by Bonhams, this 2002 model-year GT-R was one of the stars of 4 Fast 4 Furious Fast and Furious, the fourth movie in the Fast saga. While several blue Skylines took part in filming, this example is the “hero car,” the most visually-appealing and complete example used for primary filming. Most of the other cars in filming were lower-end Skyline GT-T models used as stunt cars.

As stock, it was delivered from the factory delivering 276 horsepower, according to official figures, from the legendary RB26DETT 2.6-liter turbocharged inline-six engine. However, this model is far from stock. It was purchased without an engine and brought to the U.S. by a company called Kaizo Industries. It was then rebuilt and retitled as a kit car as a workaround for the usual 25-year import restriction on such vehicles.

Performance modifications include a front-mont intercooler and a Nismo exhaust system. The boost was also turned up for increased power. Nismo lowering springs were installed to improve the stance, and nicely complement the 19-inch Volk Racing wheels at each corner. A Nismo bumper, side skirts, and an East Bear hood help complete the look. Other mods include a brake upgrade, OMP racing seats, and a custom-built roll cage.

According to the auction listing, several details of the car were modified to suit Walker’s personal requests. Unlike many other cars in the Fast films, this GT-R was prepared without any lurid graphics to allow the original design to shine through. Walker also reportedly asked that the rear fog light be given a white lens instead of the original red. Inside, the custom screen in the dash was also installed at Walker’s behest.

Weirdly, the auction listing also claims that the seat in the car has not been moved since Walker last sat in the car during filming. That seems impossible to verify but may be valuable to someone.

While the GT-R was built as a kit car to allow it to be used in the U.S., it was later impounded by customs officials due to legal complications around its status. After a battle in the courts, it was exported to Germany, where it has remained unregistered ever since. The car retains an expired Nevada title as a “2007 Kai,” and a chassis tag bearing a 17-digit VIN issued to Kaizo Industries.

The auction listing makes great effort to note that Walker himself drove the car during the filming of Fast and Furious. It bears noting, though, that Walker himself has become a polarizing figure in the years after his death. In as much as Walker retains fans around the globe for his movie performances, questions have also been raised about his relationships with underage girls.

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If you want to own a storied Skyline GT-R, this auction might appeal to you. Of course, depending on where you live, it may be difficult to actually import or use the car at all. Regardless, given Walker’s enduring star power, and the popularity of the Fast saga films, it’s likely this car will sell for a hefty six-figure sum if past sales are anything to go by.

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