Sarah Bovy claimed the final GTE-Am pole position ahead of the category’s final World Endurance Championship race tomorrow in Bahrain.

During qualifying, she took her fifth pole in the 2023 WEC season behind the wheel of the #85 Porsche 911 RSR.

After setting a 1:58.692 lap time, Bovy said: “I’m super happy I can take that last GTE pole position, which was extremely difficult. 

“Like all the other categories here, we are struggling with the choice of tyres, how to handle them, how to have enough performance, but not having too much drop off at the same time. 

“I have to give a massive thanks to our engineers and our team of mechanics, who did an incredible job to give me a car that was really sharp and fast for the good lap. 

“That’s another proof that qualifying, while it might be a personal performance, is teamwork. 

“All the decisions we are taking together are the ones that are going to give you the final result.”

Liam Talbot impressed on his WEC debut in the #777 D’Station Racing Aston Martin Vantage GTE, setting a time for second place, nearly two-tenths behind Bovy’s time.

Despite five pole positions this season, the Iron Dames have yet to claim victory and so tomorrow’s eight-hour race will be the final chance to do so in the GTE era.

Bovy continued: “You can be sure that the pink car will be fighting like hell to bring back that first victory before the end of the GTE era. 

“Will we do it or not? Only the future will tell.”

A class of 13 cars will fight it out tomorrow for the final time in GTE history from 11.00am UTC.

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