Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali believes there will be no “cannibalisation” of Grands Prix in the United States. In addition to the official US Grand Prix at Austin, a second race in Miami was added in 2022, with a long-term deal signed with Las Vegas to take Grand Prix racing to the strip set to begin in November with a Saturday night primetime event. With even a fourth US race possible, F1 chief Domenicali believes that all the venues can co-exist – echoing thoughts from Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei who is confident that each race will be ‘distinct’. Differences are crucial In 2022, Miami was visited by high profile celebrities, including the likes of former First Lady Michelle Obama, NBA icon Michael Jordan, NFL great Tom Brady, and James Corden. Las Vegas is set to also attract wealthy customers with packages being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, while the Austin race is the only one of the three set to feature a Sprint race. But Domenicali believes the “different personality” of each will be crucial. “It is pretty clear that every race, not only in America, has a different personality, a different cultural approach, a different segmentation of fans,” he explained on a recent Liberty Media investors call. “Sometimes we forget that just a couple of years ago, we were thinking: ‘Do we really need to stay in the US? Is it really the market we should be in?’ “And thanks to the stubbornness, we are here. We had two races last year, and this year, we are adding another one, so in the blink of an eye, we are getting there. “I don’t see any kind of cannibalisation, everyone is different, everything is different. I don’t see any problem there.”

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