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Dometic makes all kinds of stuff that make a car a home—fridges, cooktops, and toilets for use in RVs, solar battery chargers, 12-volt coolers, portable lithium batteries, and more. Unpowered coolers and camping accessories are in its catalog now, too. Its wares are not the cheapest, but they are nice, and some staff editors here use them in our own rigs.

I’ve had a CFX3 35 12-volt powered cooler in my overland Montero for a few years now. Paired with a PLB40 (both items are on sale and on the list below) I can keep perishable food cold indefinitely as long as I run the truck every few days. Managing Editor Jonathon Klein recently picked up a cooler himself, too, and says the Patrol 35 (also linked below) is super solid. Now be like us and get yourself something from Dometic’s awesome sale!

Patrol 35 Cooler ($57.50 off)

Patrol 105 Cooler ($100 off)

Cool-Ice WCI 33 Vertical Cooler ($40 off)

CFX3 35 Powered Cooler ($88 off)

CFX3 SLD35/45 Slider Tray ($70 off)

CFX3 100 Powered Cooler ($135 off)

CFX3 SLD95/100 ($85 off)

PLB40 ($170 off)

CCF-T Ford Console Fridge ($120 off)

HWK-DC 12v Hardwiring Kit ($10 off)

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