The upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix will see drivers take part in a
condensed weekend format and low average temperatures. The usual
practice sessions will take place on Thursday, while third practice
will follow on Friday, with qualifying finishing at 01:00 on
Saturday local time and the race taking place in the evening at
22:00. Temperatures can reach below ten degrees celsius at that
time in the evening in Nevada, although it looks like it will be
around 15 degrees celsius for the race weekend. Former Formula 1
driver Pedro de la Rosa believes the combination of the new track
and condensed scheduling at the Las Vegas circuit will be a
challenge for drivers and teams. “It’s intense for everyone,” De La
Rosa told the F1 Nation podcast. “But really, it’s not an issue
because there’s many things that are for the drivers easy in Las
Vegas.” De La Rosa: You don’t need to stress yourself Although the
low temperatures were a concern, De La Rosa explains that it could
work in the drivers favour during the weekend. “The temperature
will be helpful. Dehydration levels will be very low or non
existent, the cooler it is the easier it is for the driver, the
more oxygen there is in the air,” he continued. “So basically your
pulse rate becomes lower, and there are long straights in Las
Vegas. “Every long straight means that you take a breath, you have
time for a drink. You don’t need to stress yourself for a few
seconds. “So it is very easy. I think it will be an easy track for
the race drivers.”

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