Formula 1 has banned three key colours from being displayed on the
Las Vegas Sphere when on-track action is occurring this weekend.
The Sphere venue opened its doors earlier this year and stands 112
metres high and 157 metres wide, with its outside shell made up of
1.2 million LED lights. It has already gained fame worldwide due to
its unique design, with Irish rock band U2 pausing its 36-show
residency during the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend. The venue will
continue to operate throughout the race weekend but in order to
avoid distracting the drivers, the colours red, yellow and blue
will not be displayed when cars are on the track. This is to avoid
a situation of a driver misinterpreting the trackside LED panels
which use those particular colours to provide drivers with live
information regarding the circuit conditions. F1 has rented the
Sphere for the weekend and is set to use it for advertising
purposes during the Las Vegas Grand Prix event. Logan Sargeant, who
is taking part in his third home race of his rookie season, is
confident that it won’t be an issue for drivers this weekend. “It’s
either going to be really cool or really annoying,” he told media
including . “ Honestly, I’m not sure. It’s really
bright. I think it depends on what they would put on it. “If it’s
something extremely bright, then maybe it’d be a bit too much. But
if it’s something a bit more subtle, I think that would be fine.”

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