Things haven’t recently gone according to plan for seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. Despite Mercedes’ recent slump, he remains focused on helping the team get back to winning shape—especially as the two negotiate a contract extension. But while Hamilton isn’t eager to leave F1 for another series, it appears that he also wouldn’t mind taking out an IndyCar racer for a few laps.

Speaking to the media at the Miami F1 GP, Hamilton expressed his curiosity for IndyCar, though he specifically highlighted the “old-school” race cars without the windscreen.


“It’s not a dream for me to go and race in another series, but I am an admirer and a fan of racing and other sports, so I always like to try,” said Hamilton, according to “I sometimes watch IndyCar. I’d love to try one of those cars at some stage.

“I’m not a big fan of the big screen that they have now, but like the old-school cars they have, the cars sound and look good,” he added.

The F1 champ also shared past experiences that have allowed him to explore other types of racing vehicles ranging from NASCAR stock cars to MotoGP bikes.

“I did a car swap with Tony Stewart years ago, which was fun. I’d love to try it [NASCAR] at some stage,” said Hamilton. “It was an amazing opportunity when I got to swap with Valentino Rossi and try a MotoGP bike.

“But right now, my focus is solely on Formula 1. So, I don’t plan on leaving here anytime soon.”

Should Hamilton get behind the wheel of an IndyCar racer—whether for a quick test or a one-off race—he’d join a list of F1 stars to test America’s premier open-wheel racing series. Ayrton Senna tested with Penske back in 1992, along with Emerson Fittipaldi who went on to race for the outfit and even win the Indy 500. Other notable names include Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet, Jacques Villeneuve, and Juan Pablo Montoya.

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