Formula 1 expects the upcoming Hollywood film to exceed the popularity of Drive to Survive. The film, set to star Brad Pitt and will be produced by Top Gun Maverick’s Jerry Bruckheimer, is going to commence filming this year at various Grands Prix. Speaking on a Liberty Media investor Q&A in Las Vegas, CEO Greg Maffei believes the film is the next level for F1 as it looks to continue its growth off the back of the Netflix series. “The Simpsons has gone for 20 years, but there aren’t that many shows which run that long,” said Maffei. “We cannot rely on Drive to survive to be our only promotion vehicle forever. You’ve got to keep it fresh, change the game. “This movie, kind of like Vegas, is going to be a whole other level.” F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali added that he believes that they now understand the power of these platforms, after previously questioning why they are letting Netflix cameras into the paddock. “When we started the collaboration with Netflix, the community said ‘What is going on? this is not our place to be’ And now we understand the power of it,” he added. “Then we added the you know, the very strong presence with social media, making sure that all our drivers and teams are very active and promoting the sport.” New film set for Silverstone Domenicali added that the first bit of filming to take place at Silverstone “very soon” and expects it to be “invasive” on race weekends. “We’re going to start the shooting in Silverstone very soon,” confirmed Domenicali. “They will be within the racing event and it will be quite invasive, in terms of production it’s something that we need to control, but will be another way of showing Formula 1.” Maffei added: “We’ve already seen some of what they’re going to do and how they’re going to skin these cars. They took the technology from Top Gun. It’s going to be amazing!”

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