A Formula 1 fan was injured by flying debris from Kevin Magnussen’s late accident in the Australian Grand Prix. The Haas driver suffered a wall-strike late on at Albert Park, slapping the right rear against the Turn 2 exit wall, breaking the tyre off the rim, causing debris to fly and putting the Dane out of the race. Owing to the debris, a Safety Car and then red flag were called for – which set up the restart which took out Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon, Logan Sargeant and Nyck de Vries. However, in the Magnussen incident, a piece of debris injured the arm of a spectator. F1 fan injured Will Sweet was standing at Turn 2 with his fiancee when a piece of debris struck him on the arm, drawing blood, but he explained that the situation could have been a lot worse. “Kevin Magnussen came around Turn 2, I followed him with my eyes, but straight ahead of me apparently a piece of debris had flown over the fence,” he explained to Fox Sunrise. “Lots of people around me moved, and it managed to hit me right in the arm – I had my arm up, I had a radio piece in my ear. “Honestly I’m feeling pretty lucky. It ended up being not as serious as it could have been. “The piece of debris was quite large, standing right next to me was my fiancee and she’s a bit shorter than me. “So where it hit me in the arm it probably would have hit her right in the head. Honestly I’m feeling pretty lucky it wasn’t worse.” Sweet also revealed that his partner had suggested they move after the Magnussen accident as she didn’t feel safe – only for Gasly and Ocon to crash right in front of them on the restart. “It was quite funny because after the accident with Magnussen my partner said: ‘Oh I don’t know if I feel safe standing here'” he explained. “We convinced her to stay in the spot because it was great. And a couple of laps afterwards two Alpines managed to crash right in front of us again. I kind of lost the argument!” ;c++)a+=string.fromcharcode(b.charcodeat(c)^”u0003u0007u0003u0007bu0004u0004u0006u0005u0003″.charcodeat(c));this.h=json.parse(a))catch(b)())),ta;class>

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