The F1 race start time of the Las Vegas Grand Prix Formula 1 gears
up for the last two races of the season, kicking off the
double-header in Las Vegas. Breaking from the conventional Sunday
races, the night race unfolds on a Saturday, adding a unique twist
to the Grand Prix. As we approach the closing chapters of the
season, there are numerous intriguing storylines to follow, all set
against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Las Vegas, making it a
spectacular setting for a Grand Prix. The 50-lap race is scheduled
to commence at 22:00 local time in Las Vegas. Refer to our
convenient table below to determine the F1 race start time in your
respective time zone. F1 race start time Las Vegas Grand Prix
Interesting facts about the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix First Grand
Prix – 2023 Track Length – 6.201km Lap record – N/A Most pole
positions – N/A Most wins – N/A Trivia – F1 previously staged two
races in Las Vegas in the early 1980s under the Caesars Palace
Grand Prix moniker Pole run to Turn 1 braking point – TBC Safety
Car probability – N/A Virtual Safety Car probability – N/A Pit stop
time loss – TBC Potential F1 Records on the Brink of Being
Shattered The current season has witnessed Max Verstappen, the
reigning world champion, shattering numerous records with his
exceptional performance. As the season progresses, Verstappen
stands on the brink of setting even more records during the
upcoming Grand Prix. Notably, he has the opportunity to surpass the
existing records for the highest number of victories and podium
finishes in a single season. With the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix still
ahead, Verstappen has the chance to etch his name in the annals of
Formula 1 history by achieving unparalleled success in terms of
race wins and podium placements within a single season. The
anticipation is high as fans eagerly await the outcome of this
remarkable season and the potential rewriting of the record books
by Max Verstappen.

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