The stewards’ report into the rejected Haas Right of Review hearing
over the final classification of the United States Grand Prix has
labelled F1’s track limits enforcement “completely unsatisfactory”.
The American-owned outfit had launched a bid to review the final
results from the Circuit of the Americas after believing a number
of track limits infringements went unpunished for Alex Albon, Lance
Stroll and Sergio Perez. While the RoR was thrown out following a
two-day hearing, the stewards have acknowledged the issues
surrounding track limits in F1 this season. The subject led to a
change of paint thickness at three corners at COTA after Friday’s
running, while there was an egregious number of penalties at the
Austrian Grand Prix earlier in the season, leading to widespread
dissatisfaction over the current policing. Further solutions must
be found At the end of the stewards’ report into the hearing, the
statement read: “Given that, notwithstanding the formal outcome of
this Decision, the Stewards have seen individual pieces of evidence
that show what appear to be potential track limit breaches at the
apex of Turn 6, they find their inability to properly enforce the
current standard for track limits for all competitors completely
unsatisfactory and therefore strongly recommend to all concerned
that a solution to prevent further reoccurrences of this widespread
problem be rapidly deployed. “Whether the problem is properly
addressed by better technology solutions, track modifications, a
combination thereof, or a different regulation and enforcement
standard, the Stewards leave to those better positioned to make
such assessments. “However, based on the timing of this Decision,
it is clear that a complete solution cannot, as a matter of
practicality, happen this year. “But given the number of different
circuits where significant track limit issues arose this season,
acknowledging that the FIA in conjunction with the circuits have
already made significant strides, further solutions should be found
before the start of the 2024 season.”

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