A Grand Prix in the entertainment city of Las Vegas surely demands
a special one-off livery? It is now almost a tradition that the
teams in the United States drive with a special livery, and once
again new color schemes have been revealed. Red Bull Max Verstappen
and Sergio Perez will hunt for another Grand Prix victory this
coming weekend in a purple-tinted Red Bull. The Milton Keynes-based
team always lets fans vote on different special liveries for
American races, and the “purple one” has emerged as the winner this
time. Red Bull announced the livery in a playful way by hanging a
car upside down in a nightclub. It’s the namesake all over again…
The text continues below the images. Ferrari Ferrari wouldn’t be
Ferrari if they didn’t appear in scarlet red, but for the Las Vegas
GP white shades have been sprayed on the car. It is reminiscent of
the car Michael Schumacher used to become world champion from 2000
to 2004. That is not going to happen this year, but Charles Leclerc
and Carlos Sainz are undoubtedly hoping to shine in Sin City . The
text continues below the images. Alpine You have to look closely,
but Alpine is also driving a special livery in Las Vegas. The
French team is collaborating with Palace and Kappa on a one-off
basis and has slightly modified the blue bolide for it. Esteban
Ocon and Pierre Gasly will also compete in a different suit on a
one-off basis. The team has also opened a pop-up store featuring
unique items that can be purchased throughout the weekend. The text
continues below the image. Williams Of course, Williams and home
driver Logan Sargeant can’t be left behind. The team is running the
normal blue livery, but has added a Las Vegas sauce. The Williams
name appears as a sort of disco slogan on the back, for the
signature stars and glitz and glamour of Sin City .
https://x.com/WilliamsRacing/status/1724532840598216903?s=20 A
spectacle for the strip 🤩 Introducing our #LasVegasGP livery! 🎰
pic.twitter.com/IknhRHGaaz — Williams Racing (@WilliamsRacing)
November 14, 2023

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