Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz say they both had to undertake extreme levels of lift and coast during Formula 1 Sprint in São Paulo.

The pair, who started on used Soft tyres in order to preserve new sets for Sunday’s race, finished fifth and eighth respectively.

“A lot, a lot,” said Leclerc on how much lifting was required. “But I mean, luckily for me tomorrow I’ll be starting second. So, hopefully much less cars in front of me after the first lap.

“[It was] everywhere. Everywhere… I mean, yes, basically, every corner. Today was a bit more than expected. But I expect tomorrow to be a better day for that.”

Sainz hung on to claim the final point having also had to manage his SF-23.

“We’ve saved the good ones [tyre sets] for tomorrow so hopefully this helps,” he said. “But it will not be very positive if we need to keep doing so much lift and coast, which at the moment for our temperatures was very, very tricky and we simply couldn’t push the whole race.

“Also in clean air we were probably a bit on the limit. Today the temperature surprised us, we expect it to be cooler tomorrow so hopefully it goes in a better direction. But today is the most lift and coast I’ve done in my whole life, for sure.”

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