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Ferrari is the winningest Formula 1 team of all time in terms of world championships, but it’s also known for signing up famous champions only to accomplish absolutely nothing with them. Alain Prost—and eventually many others—had just that experience when he joined the team in 1990, but at least he got a sweet ride out of the deal. Now, that very car is up for sale.

Prost was gifted a Ferrari F40 upon joining the F1 team for what he thought would be a championship-winning 1990 season. At the time, the supercar was known for its bleeding performance. Its 201-mph top speed made it the fastest production car in the world when it launched in 1987, courtesy of its 471-horsepower 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. If that sounds desirable, you’re in luck, as Prost’s car is now up for auction by RM Sotheby’s.

Prost was the first driver signed to the F1 team after the death of company patriarch Enzo Ferrari. He joined the team as a newly-crowned three-time F1 champion, having bested his McLaren teammate Ayrton Senna the year before. However, Prost’s time with Ferrari was to be both forlorn and short-lived. After finishing runner-up in 1990, he was fired midway through 1991 for publically criticizing the team’s poor performance.

In any case, Prost’s F40 was built by Ferrari in 1989 bearing chassis number 83249. It was configured without adjustable suspension or catalytic converters, a specification reportedly more desired by the collector market. Notably, Prost told RM Sotheby’s that he never actually used the car after taking delivery. It was, however, briefly registered in Prost’s name in France in 1990.

After the F1 driver, ownership passed to Ferrari collector Graham de Zille, with Prost signing the car’s roof prior to sale. The signature was clear-coated and is still faintly visible today. It has since passed through a series of other owners and is still located in France.

The car has less than 2,900 miles on the clock and has received full Ferrari Classiche certification. This verifies that the car has its original engine, gearbox, chassis, and bodywork. The F40 was most recently given a major service in 2019, including a replacement of its fuel bladders. They remain valid and in-spec until 2028, which should be of comfort to the car’s new owner. Other inclusions with the sale include a full history file, owner’s manual and service book, toolkit, and the car’s original front spoiler. There’s also a set of Schedoni luggage to match, built specifically for the F40.

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Prost’s F40 is an interesting specimen. On the one hand, it’s the last Ferrari supercar signed off by Enzo himself, with a former superstar owner. On the other hand, Prost himself admits he barely paid the car any attention. Regardless, RM Sotheby’s expects the car to sell for anywhere between $2.7 and $3.3 million when it crosses the auction block on May 10. That’s a touch higher than the current average, which stands closer to $2.2 million, suggesting Prost’s name will indeed add some weight to the sale.

Happy bidding, you wealthy scamp, you.

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